Of Course I Wrote a Dan Book

When the Safer at Home orders came down, some people asked me, “Are you going to write another book during all of this free time?” And I was really annoyed, because I didn’t have any more free time! I have a child, and it was spring, and I had to make lunch a lot. But… Read more »

  • Coloring Book of Portraits

    I’m working on a new coloring book. It’s portraits of colorists. Do you like to color? Would you like to be in it? Email me your picture with your favorite animal at shoshanah@topbarbee.com. Working on the cover image now. Zanimal colored it for me.

  • My Week In Pictures

  • Things My Daughter Does When She Goes to the Bathroom

    Things she does:  Poops Pees Brushes her hair Reads Harry Potter Plays video games Video chats with Grandma Kathleen Scrapbooking (organizing photos, writing captions. Etc.) Things she does not do: Flush the toilet

  • Beautiful Coloring & Preview

    Marilyn colored a sneak preview I put out of Birds in Beards 2: Dead Poets Edition. Didn’t she do a fantastic job? Love the crazy hair color!  Birds in Beards 2: Dead Poets Edition is probably going to be ready in the next couple of weeks.  It’s cooking. It’s getting close! Soon.  No comic today,… Read more »

  • Arting and Stuff

    1. Decide on a theme. (In this case: Birds in Beards 2: Dead Poets.) 2. Research. Poets? Poems? Birds? 3. Decide on a subject. (In this case: John Burroughs.) 4. Decide on an animal. In this case, a Cardinal (because it is a snow bird, and Burroughs had a poem about snow birds). 5. Sketch… Read more »

  • The God and Goddess of Thunder

    Last night, we had a wicked thunderstorm. It happened around one AM. I thought for sure the storm would cause Chyoko to finally have her lambs, but no go. Instead, the Zanimal had a crazy story to tell in the morning.  Our two cats both love the Zanimal lots. They like sleeping with her. These… Read more »

  • Conniving Hens and Roosters of Malice in the Icebox of Hell

    Our chest freezer broke last week, and the refrigerator broke this week- this week, when I was supposed to butcher chickens. Coincidence? I think not.  We bought a new freezer and a new refrigerator. This was the new refrigerator:  And then… you have to wait 24 hours to stabilize the temperature. And then…  The temperature… Read more »

  • Father’s Day

  • Over sixty cats

    Yesterday was the first day of summer vacation. The Zanimal and I spent some happy hours yesterday drawing and painting cats. Here are our efforts:  

  • An Upper Midwestern Spring

    We have so much to do around here in Spring. There are lambs being born, meat chickens to take care of, plants to start indoors and transplant, mowing, weeding, planting, end of school stuff, planning for summer stuff, 4-h events, registering for the fair, getting all of our ducks in a row for summer camps… Read more »