Of Course I Wrote a Dan Book

When the Safer at Home orders came down, some people asked me, “Are you going to write another book during all of this free time?” And I was really annoyed, because I didn’t have any more free time! I have a child, and it was spring, and I had to make lunch a lot. But… Read more »

  • Inspired by Oleanna Cunneen, I created a border

    In researching the history of Mount Horeb for the troll coloring book, I learned about this woman Oleanna Cunneen. She was of Norwegian descent, and she did a lot of art in a very traditional, Norwegian style. She was the first troll creator in Mount Horeb. Her trolls were about a foot high, usually, and… Read more »

  • No, I Have Underwear

  • Improvements

    I have some ideas I’d like to run by you, about improving War and Peace:  The Prince should be a vampire. We should add Jonathan Strange, this book needs a magician!  All of the men should be women.  All of the women should still be women.  All of the swords should be cats.  This way,… Read more »

  • I resemble that person-

    I went to have lunch with my daughter at school, and as I was signing in, the secretary said, “Oh, great article on you!” “What?” “In the newspaper.” So, I dropped by the gas station and picked up a copy, and FRONT PAGE! THAT’S ME! I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, The Town of… Read more »

  • Moles

    Today’s comic is Teresa Burritt’s ? Frog Applause: 

  • This is Net. 

    This afternoon, my daughter and I played a friendly game of, Let’s Spread Out That Net We Found at the Dumps Today and See How Big It Is!  For better or worse, we don’t have trash service. The up side is that we find treasures occasionally. I’ve been wanting some netting to prop up the… Read more »

  • Ghost Cow, or Something More?

    I’ve been keeping the sheep in some flimsy, portable fencing during the day, and then going out before dark and herding them into more secure fencing for the night. This evening, while binge  watching Parks and Recreation, I forgot to go outside and secure them before dark. I went out late, and the sheep were… Read more »

  • Happy Easter! 

    Image stolen from Retro-Revolution store in Madison. 

  • Top Ten Reasons I Love Parks and Recreation

    Leslie and Ann Perkins are like the friendship I wish I ever had with… someone. They drink more than I do! Andy is more unrealistic about his career than I am! I will marry Ron. In my next life. When Parks and Rec is real and I am named Tammy.  My daughter loves it so… Read more »

  • Dr. H’s Moby-Dick

    “Call me Ishmael,” he said. “It’s not my name, but call me Ishmael! Bwa ha!” He tooted the last part, a silly little laugh. He was a smallish guy. He looked like a cute little rat. Cute little middle aged chain smoking coffee drinking slightly perverted but clearly adorable, absurdly intelligent rat. The kind of… Read more »