Of Course I Wrote a Dan Book

When the Safer at Home orders came down, some people asked me, “Are you going to write another book during all of this free time?” And I was really annoyed, because I didn’t have any more free time! I have a child, and it was spring, and I had to make lunch a lot. But… Read more »

  • Trash.

    Someone please tell me who originated this meme.

  • The Power of Suggestion, Rules, Parameters, and the Glob Like Layers of Learning or Why Telling Me What to Do is Now a Thing You Get to Do (for a price)

    When you think about creativity, as an abstract thing, I always used to think it was something akin to absolute freedom. The freer one was, the more creative one could be. As I have aged and grown as a person and as an artist, I’ve found that creativity is often enhanced by limitations. Limiting your… Read more »

  • Don’t Look in the Pasture

    We got new sheep on Sunday. Two lambs, a black and a white one, and then an old sheep named Sofi. Sofi was Melissa’s pet. All three of these sheep are adorable and very sheep like. They don’t have horns or anything, like our other ones. The new ones are Corriedales. Zanimal wanted to take… Read more »

  • In the Trunk of My Car

    An old friend, Keith, posted this on Facebook. I’m so glad there are pictures. I have thought about this trip a lot, over the years, especially whenever I went to Albuquerque. It was starting to take on a fever-dream like quality. Did it really happen? How could I drive to Albuquerque with three people in my… Read more »

  • My Week in Black and White Photos

  • Thank You! 

    I made this video for my patreon subscribers. (If you haven’t subscribed yet, subscribe at patron.com/shoshanah first, then watch.) ​ ​

  • Put Out the Fire

    I meant to do some book release thing yesterday, but I got on Facebook and noticed my homeland was on fire!  I was a little kid in San Francisco, and then my parents divorced and my dad remarried. I moved with my dad, my stepmother and my new older sisters to Sonoma County when I was… Read more »


    For a long time now- a few years, maybe- I’ve been thinking in the back of my mind how cool it would be to send people little notes and pictures, on scraps of paper. Like, if I had infinite resources, I would mail people postcards with tiny instructions. Or a poem. Or a story that… Read more »

  • Coming Soon: Morbid Mandalas

    Join the Artsy Fartsy Coloring AND Colouring group here. 

  • Back when I was pretty, then not pretty, then pretty, then not pretty…

    When the Zanimal was in preschool and still called Little Z, we used to ride together in the morning. I would take her to preschool, and then go on to work. She went through this phase when she was three or four years old, when she would tell me when I looked pretty, and when… Read more »