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Zurgioch the Last Unicorn

The Cat and Crow ordered another weird wooly creature sculpture from me. That was a while ago. It was summertime, and impossible to find time to do a large creative project without someone asking, “What are you doing? Why are you doing that? Who is it for? That doesn’t look like a unicorn!” Etc. So now that school has finally gone back into session, I had time to do a new wooly creature for the Cat and Crow.


Her name is Zurgioch. I don’t know why. That’s just what she told me. 

4 thoughts on “Zurgioch the Last Unicorn

  1. Who/what is “the Cat and Crow”?

    1. It is a yarn shop in Mount Horeb where they also sell my wool sculptures.

  2. Do they sell cat yarn?

    1. Only in hairball form. I mean… what I meant to say was, “No. They don’t.”

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