Of Course I Wrote a Dan Book

When the Safer at Home orders came down, some people asked me, “Are you going to write another book during all of this free time?” And I was really annoyed, because I didn’t have any more free time! I have a child, and it was spring, and I had to make lunch a lot. But… Read more »

  • New Take on the Mad Hatter

    Jill won the contest.  “What’s your favorite animal?” I asked Jill. “I am obsessed with Alice in Wonderland, so maybe a Chesire cat, or white rabbit, would be very cool.” I drew Jill as the Mad Hatter:  If you want to win a contest and have your portrait drawn, please join my coloring group, Artsy… Read more »

  • Another Week, Another Winner

    Join the Artsy Fartsy Coloring with Shoshanah Marohn group on Facebook, and YOU, TOO CAN BE A WINNER! YES, I DID FORGET WHO I WAS AT THE BEGINNING OF THIS. So what? Congratulations to Jill.

  • Not Funny

    My husband used the neralnetworks app to make this picture of our cat, Grenix. I skipped the comics today. Sorry. 

  • Happy Salmonella Day! 

    Eighteen years ago today, Bad Ass Husband and I were planning on getting married, but we couldn’t, because we were both deadly ill with food poisoning from eating ice cream at the gas station in Westcliff, CO. Zanimal made the commemorative cake, this year. I think she did a nice job. It looks like puke…. Read more »


    The Flamingos, They Will KILL You!

    When I started my new coloring group, “Artsy Fartsy Coloring with Shoshanah Marohn,” I kicked it off with a contest. The prize was to have your portrait drawn in a line-drawing style that you could color. Well, Marilyn won, and she requested that I draw her with a flamingo. There’s a story behind the request…. Read more »

  • skinny and happy

    Skinny and Happy

  • Artsy Fartsy Coloring Contest Winner Drawing!

    Look at the beautiful contest entries at the Artsty Fartsy Coloring with Shoshanah Marohn Facebook Page. 

  • The Case Against Pants

    This is a true story. Trigger warning: long wait at the checkout line. For the sake of protecting the guilty, I shall change some names. Yesterday, I went to a store to get pants. Let’s call this store JC Lenny’s. I had been to JC Lenny’s previously on Sunday. On Sunday, I had seen a… Read more »

  • Deal Breaker

  • Super Flattering Portraits of Me by My Nine-Year-Old