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Over sixty cats

Yesterday was the first day of summer vacation. The Zanimal and I spent some happy hours yesterday drawing and painting cats. Here are our efforts:

how to draw a cat 1 how to draw a cat 2 how to draw a cat 3 how to draw a cat 4 how to draw a cat 5 how to draw a cat 6 how to draw a cat 7


3 thoughts on “Over sixty cats

  1. One of them should be awarded the Catkins prize. I’ll volunteer to be on the panel of judges.

  2. I think it was Kurt Vonnegut that taught me where the asterisk came from. He may have been looking at the back end of a dog, but nearly any mammal is a good example. The line up of cats makes it definitive.

    1. As a car owner (or host?), the back end is the most viewed.

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