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Giant Chickens Across the Globe

This week, the muse was speaking to me in strange ways. I painted six paintings of a giant, fire-breathing Rooster, traveling the world. 

I was sick. I get sort of air headed when I’m sick. I think this rooster wants me to tell his story. 

So, why did not the Giant, Fire Breathing Rooster burn down the Eiffel Tower? No one knows. Perhaps he appreciated its beauty. Perhaps he had a sore throat. Perhaps he knew that, being made of metal, it wouldn’t burn.

Why? I don’t know. Maybe the bridge was in his way? It’s difficult to say why a giant, fire breathing rooster does what he does.

I don’t know why the Giant, Flame Breathing Rooster burned the Hollywood sign to the ground. It was just in his nature, I guess.

Overcome with the beauty of nature, the Giant, Fire-Breathing Rooster chooses not to destroy it.

The Giant, Flame Breathing Rooster took a ship across the ocean.

What did the Giant, Flame-Breathing Rooster have against the Sydney Opera House? Nothing. It was simply in his nature to burn it down. It was nothing personal.

5 thoughts on “Giant Chickens Across the Globe

  1. I wish I could paint!!! That’s some HOT WINGS!!!

  2. Chicken, chicken chicken chicken chicken. Chicken!!

  3. I want to see that rooster in a boxing ring with a fire-breathing dragon. Smart money would be on the dragon eating roast chicken!

    1. Silly ape. Dragons aren’t real!

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