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Life and Death on the Farm

That little unexpected lamb died, after he caught a chill. Zanimal and I spent about eight hours trying to warm him up the next day, but he died, anyway. We were all very sad about it. If only the weather weren’t so cold, but what can you do? We weren’t expecting a lamb at all…. Read more »

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Dr. H’s Moby-Dick

“Call me Ishmael,” he said. “It’s not my name, but call me Ishmael! Bwa ha!” He tooted the last part, a silly little laugh. He was a smallish guy. He looked like a cute little rat. Cute little middle aged chain smoking coffee drinking slightly perverted but clearly adorable, absurdly intelligent rat. The kind of… Read more »

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Rooster in the Night

Chickens don’t normally walk at night, but the Giant, Fire-Breathing Rooster is special. The Giant, Fire-Breathing Rooster roams the night, looking for others like him. The Giant, Fire-Breathing Rooster is lonely. Poor Giant, Fire-Breathing Rooster. We wish him well.   *Purchase this on a coffee mug at artpal.com.

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Giant Chickens Across the Globe

This week, the muse was speaking to me in strange ways. I painted six paintings of a giant, fire-breathing Rooster, traveling the world.  I was sick. I get sort of air headed when I’m sick. I think this rooster wants me to tell his story.  So, why did not the Giant, Fire Breathing Rooster burn… Read more »

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Whose feet are in your trash?

This is not a post for vegetarians.  We took a few rams to the butcher on Tuesday. (Tuesday is their “exotic animal”day— but I disagree that sheep are exotic.) Zanimal (formerly Big Z, and before that Little Z) said we shouldn’t tell them where we were going. “Just tell them they’re going to Spanish lessons!”… Read more »

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Free Range Freezing

This is today’s weather: It’s the warmest day we’ve had in a while. We have an automatic chicken door that opens when the sun comes up and closes when the sun goes down. I normally turn it off to “closed all the time” when it gets down in the single digits, and I put a… Read more »