In the dimly lit bathroom of an old, decrepit mansion, twenty-five emus gathered for an unusual competition. The air was heavy with anticipation as they strapped on their roller skates, their claws clicking against the tiled floor. Emu number 11, a nervous creature, felt a shiver run down its feathers.

The race began, and the emus glided clumsily around the room, their wings flapping for balance. Emu number 11, caught in the frenzy, lost its footing on a puddle of water and tumbled to the ground, feathers flying in disarray. The others honked in amusement, their beady eyes gleaming with mischief.

But as the race continued, the emus’ laughter turned to gasps of horror as one by one, they too lost control, crashing into walls and tumbling over each other. Feathers flew, and the room echoed with the cacophony of squawks and thuds.

In the end, amidst the chaos and confusion, only one emu remained standing, its victory hollow amidst the wreckage. And as the moon cast its eerie light through the bathroom window, the emus knew they would never forget the night they dared to roll in the domain of man.

-Written by Chat GPT in the style of Edgar Allan Poe

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