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Victorian-era royalty riding bikes through a field of flowers.

Following the plan, this is the painting for week two. This is a large acrylic painting, gallery wrapped canvas, 36″ x 24″. As always, if you are interested in it, shoot me a line at admin@steelguitarforum.com. These aren’t any particular royals, just imaginary. Queen Victoria did ride a giant tricycle contraption, but I didn’t want… Read more »

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White rabbit-human hybrid tea party in a forest (SOLD)

Following The Plan, this is week one of 2024, White rabbit-human hybrid tea party in a forest. So much fun to paint! The painting is acrylic on canvas, 10inches by 20 inches. It’s already sold, because someone contacted me when they saw the list, and said they wanted the Week 1 painting. You, too, can… Read more »

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The Plan

Paint 2024 I asked AI to make 52 painting art prompts for me, based on what I enjoy painting. One painting per week for 2024! This is what it came up with. Here are 52 painting art prompts for each week of the year based on your interests: If you are still reading, you might… Read more »