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Top Ten Reasons I Love Parks and Recreation

  1. Leslie and Ann Perkins are like the friendship I wish I ever had with… someone.
  2. They drink more than I do!
  3. Andy is more unrealistic about his career than I am!
  4. I will marry Ron. In my next life. When Parks and Rec is real and I am named Tammy. 
  5. My daughter loves it so much, between that and watching farm animals, I don’t have to teach her a thing about the facts of life!
  6. Chris also enjoys carob and berries as a dessert alternative, just like I do!
  7. In my next life, I will be Donna.(Except of course my name will be a Tammy.)
  8. April is really a daemon possessing Ron’s mind. I learned that from watching Legion. 
  9. Gary/Larry/Jerry is so sweet. And a great artist. 
  10. Enthusiasm is good. Leslie is the most enthusiastic person on fictional Earth. And that is a wonderful thing. 

Bonus: “There has never been a sadness that could not be cured by breakfast foods.”

5 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons I Love Parks and Recreation

  1. I love that show. I was so disappointed to discover that Amy Poehler is nothing like Leslie in real life. Sad.

    1. But she did create that character, so it’s somewhere inside her. I read her autobiography. She’s not evil.

  2. You’d marry Ron? Isn’t he a bit on the grumpy side? But I agree it was a great show and I want to pinch Leslie’s cheeks. I’m sure she’d let me if I asked nicely.

    1. Ron knows what he wants. I like Ron.

  3. What a fun show it was!

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