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*The First Year

*I wrote this for the “Reader’s Write” section of my favorite magazine, The Sun. The topic was, “The First Year.”   *************** My first year of teaching, I taught sixth grade: three two-hour blocks and then a twenty minute “homeroom” class at the end of the day. The homeroom was supposed to be your core… Read more »

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Slow Down for Ice and Curves in the Road

I was going to blog about how someone just ran over our sign in front of our house, but my daughter already did it beautifully here. I’ll just post the before and after photos. The before: The after: Just last week, someone came within four feet of hitting our actual house. It was our neighbor. And… Read more »

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The Washing Machine in the Foyer

Today, I am thankful that no one is coming to our house for Thanksgiving. There is a washing machine in the foyer. I could tell you how it got there, but let’s just say Grenix put it there.  Bad kitty, moving the washing machine to the doorway. No turkey gizzards for you!

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Autumn Mornings

I was inspired by another blog post to write about mornings in autumn. It’s dark when we wake up, this time of year. Sometimes, I go out before the chickens are up. I come into the chicken coop, and they are all still sitting on their perches. They see me and look down for a good… Read more »