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What happens when a Christmas demon visits?

merry krampus night

I have a new book coming December 5th. Merry Krampus Eve is a spoof of the Clement C. Moore classic The Night Before Christmas, but instead of waiting for Santa to come and give presents,  party guests are waiting for Krampus, the Christmas demon, to come and play guitar in their goth band. Krampus is known throughout Eastern Europe as the horned Christmas demon who steals naughty children and puts them in his giant basket. It’s a horrific practice, and terrifying to all children who experience it. But why, exactly, does Krampus do this? What led him to such extremes?

Merry Krampus Eve posits that Krampus has feelings, too. Poor Krampus, who plays the blues in this story, sings out his woes to terrified and delighted party guests in a remote Edward Gorey-esque house on the fifth of December. The problem: Krampus is lonely. He has to kidnap children just to have some company during the holidays. His methods may be malicious, but his intentions are – actually, his intentions are really, really bad.

Merry Krampus Night is available for pre-order in Kindle form at and available in all forms from Amazon on December fifth.

This is my fifteenth book. Can you believe it? See them all at

Don’t want to try and keep track of my books? Join the art of the month club and get them automatically!

Love, sin, and time,


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Gorey’s Idles

Edward Gorey Snail unicorn

I was reading an *interview with Edward Gorey today (from 1994) where he said, “By the way, I would cheerfully sell my soul to draw like some people. “

Clifford Rose: “Like whom?”

and, over the next few pages, Gorey lists his idles (most of whom were also named Edward). I’m just going to post pictures of their work, and let everyone contemplate how wonderful it is that Edward Gorey never actually had the opportunity to sell his soul and draw like them.

Gorey’s number one idle was Edward Bawdin:

He also admired Edward Ardizzone:

You can see that Gorey was influence by Ardizzone.

And then there was Pesanello:

beautiful, but still prefer Gorey to Pisanello

And Balthus, and he specified the drawings for Wuthering Heights, which Gorey says, “As illustrations for Withering Heights, forget it. But they are just so compelling.”

While I love Edward Gorey’s personal taste, and I agree these are all fantastic illustrators, I don’t think any of them are as great as Edward Gorey himself. I might gladly sell my soul to draw like Edward Gorey.

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Night of the Krampus Comes in 55 Days!

She looks skeptical, but it’s true! “Night of the Krampus” will be here in 55 days! Patreon Supporter Heather decided my next book should be the real story of Krampus. December 5th, 2019 is release date! More information coming soon.

If you would like a book about your own topic, please become a supporter of my art at the $25 a month or more level, and you can tell me what to write next! Exciting.

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Coming Not Very Soon: Night of the Krampus

Krampus is springing forth, and he’s a musician

When you become a $25 a month Patreon member, one of the perks is that you get to tell me what my next book is about. The next book, as dictated by patron Heather, is going to be about Krampus the Christmas demon, and how he only steals children because he is so lonely. 

Although the Facebook group consensus is that Krampus should be super buff and beautiful but with horns, and also evil or whatever— this is my picture of him, in my mind. He’s just a lonely musician (a good one, though) who wishes he were more loved, like his counterpart, Santa Claus. But he is what he is, you know? It’s those horns, you see. They get in the way of doorframes and all that, but more importantly, people judge him for them and they think he isn’t a nice guy. Also, the cloven hooves. Poor Krampus. No wonder he’s singing the blues. 

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Mother Fools Show

The Tenderfoot Collective (which includes me) will be showing art on the walls of Mother Fools Coffee House at 1101 Williamson Street, Madison, Wisconsin, for the month of August. You are invited to come and see our art and have some coffee and vegan fare any time during August. If you would like to see me personally, I will be there at the opening reception on Sunday, August 4, from 6 PM to 8 PM. That’s this Sunday! I’d love to see you there. -Shoshanah

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Sheep for Sale: Ghirardelli and Toblerone

These two year old ewes are sisters and like to be together. They are a part of a group of dark brown sheep born two years ago that we have named, “The Chocolate Club,” so they all are named after kinds of chocolate. They would be a lot darker if we had coats on them. They are very sun-bleached. These sheep have never lived inside a barn.

Breed: Jacob / Corriedale Cross (More Jacob than Corriedale, about 75% Jacob, 25% Corriedale)

Temperament: Afraid of people. Skittish.

Wool: Dark, thick, dense, soft, and plentiful. They have ten month’s growth on them right now. I have not shorn them this year, and I got to them late summer last year.

Size: Small. 60-70 pounds.

Horns: No horns, but their offspring maybe would have them. These sheep have not been bred.

Asking: $100 Each.

Located in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin. Email me at if you are interested.

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Sheep For Sale: Hershey and her Ewe Lamb

Hershey is a two year old ewe, and this is her one week old lamb, who is also female.

Breed: Jacob / Corriedale Cross 50/50

Temperament: Honestly a little crazy. Mother does not like people.

Wool: soft, dense and dark. I sheared her myself a month ago. (I am not a professional, obviously. I only shear my own sheep.) I did not shear around the head.

Size: Small. Maybe sixty pounds. You could mistake the mother for a lamb of another breed, she’s so little.

Horns: No horns, though the lamb might have them. It’s too soon to tell.

Asking: $75 each.

Located in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin. Email me at if you are interested.