Ten or more years ago, when blogs were the thing, the best blog on the internet, in my opinion, was the Frog Blog. The blog was written and curated by the amazing Teresa Burritt, author of the Frog Applause comic strip and I think Shoe Cabbage, an eclectic linguistic humor strip. Burritt’s humor tickles a special itch. It’s the weirdest and most wonderful comic out there. And at some point, it all disappeared, to my immense disappointment.

The comic came back, after a time, but the blog remained gone, gone, gone. (Believe me, I checked. A lot.) Until… NOW! THE FROG BLOG IS BACK!!!!!

Something good happened!

Written by Shoshanah Marohn

Shoshanah Lee Marohn is sometimes using the nickname/ pen name Shana Lee, because it is much less complicated, and easier to spell.

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