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Return of the Frog Blog

Ten or more years ago, when blogs were the thing, the best blog on the internet, in my opinion, was the Frog Blog. The blog was written and curated by the amazing Teresa Burritt, author of the Frog Applause comic strip and I think Shoe Cabbage, an eclectic linguistic humor strip. Burritt’s humor tickles a… Read more »

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Attention Colorists with a Sense of Humor!

The new Birds in Beards, number 3: Weird Beards (Beards as Birds) is now available both as a paper book AND digitally! You can run, but you can’t hide from the men with beards! They are everywhere you would normally see birds. Are you going crazy? Or are you just coloring the latest Birds in… Read more »

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Scruffy the Possum

We’ve known for awhile that we had a possum. Zanimal named him “Scruffy.” This year has been an insane year for mice- we’ve caught about eighty in mouse traps in our house and garage. Every day, I toss the dead mice from the traps outside, and they immediately disappear, because Scruffy eats them. He’s a… Read more »

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Temperature Blanket 2019

This year, I don’t have a resolution so much as a little project: a temperature blanket. A temperature blanket is a blanket where the colors are based on the temperature each day where you live. I got the idea from a friend who did it last year. She did it based on where she lives,… Read more »