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Arting and Stuff

1. Decide on a theme. (In this case: Birds in Beards 2: Dead Poets.)

2. Research. Poets? Poems? Birds?

3. Decide on a subject. (In this case: John Burroughs.)

4. Decide on an animal. In this case, a Cardinal (because it is a snow bird, and Burroughs had a poem about snow birds).

5. Sketch in pencil.

6. Draw in pen.

7. Erase pencil.

8. Maybe I put it into a coloring book. And maybe I burn it! It all depends. Artistic Temperament. It happens.

P.S. There were two new lambs this morning: both female. I am so happy about that. They are both black— top hats! Felted top hats! This is what we will make with their wool, if they survive and thrive.

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Ten Signs You Might Be on the Artism Spectrum

No, I didn’t spell “autism” wrong. I’m talking about artism. If you relate to any of this list, you are most likely on the artistic spectrum.

Ten Signs You Might Be Artistic:

  1. You make art. Or you write, or you do music, or you act, or you see your life is some sort of strange performance art.
  2. You don’t understand people who want to learn the thing you do. (Because it’s not something you want to do, it’s just something you do do. If you are going to do the thing, if you were meant to do the thing, you do do the thing. It’s a compulsion.)
  3. You’re a mess. Literally. Artistic people are often messy.
  4. You wondered (and still kind of wonder) if Donald Trump ran for president as some sort of long form performance art, and he’s just as surprised as you are that he is now president. (Because you always assume that, in any situation, someone is doing some sort of long form performance art.)
  5. Incompetent artists really bother you, especially the ones who do the same thing you do. And most especially when they are successful with the masses! That’s just a knife in the heart.
  6. When people say, “you’re so creative!” it’s really annoying, isn’t it? What do you do with a comment like that? How could anyone be alive without being creative in some way?
  7. You feel badly if you don’t make art or do that creative thing you do. You start to go crazy without it. 
  8. Your art is not something you need people to compliment you over. It is gratifying unto itself. 
  9. When people give you really simple, clear instructions, you don’t believe that anything can be simple and clear, and you read elaborate (and untrue) messages into the clear, normal instructions. And it makes life so hard. So very, very hard.
  10. You see beauty everywhere. 
Did you relate to this list? You may be on the artism spectrum. Also, if you are even looking at this web site, you are most definitely on the artism spectrum. Thank you for reading. Click on this picture to get this cat on a mug or a print. Because we need cat food. Baby lambs need milk replacer, sometimes. And all that sort of thing. Also, you might think it’s nice. Thanks again. 


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I resemble that person-

I went to have lunch with my daughter at school, and as I was signing in, the secretary said,

“Oh, great article on you!”


“In the newspaper.”

So, I dropped by the gas station and picked up a copy, and FRONT PAGE! THAT’S ME!

The sheep is Candy Darling.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, The Town of Primrose is holding its annual meeting???!!! How did I not know about this sooner?

Matt Geiger came and interviewed me about a month ago, and he did mention he wanted to put me on the front page, but I didn’t quite believe it until I saw it.

First, Mount Horeb, then the world!


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The Knitting Troll

I’m working on the next coloring book- trolls! They are all based the real troll sculptures in Mount Horeb. Feel free to print this one and color it, or share it with friends. 

Side note: Professor Batty came to visit a few months ago, and we went to the Cat and Crow together (the yarn shop where this wool sculpture of a troll stands). He introduced himself as “Shoshanah’s internet stalker.” Melissa and Rebecca seemed amused. Professor Batty then said that he had purchased a skein of yarn in their shop there, years ago.

“Oh, thank goodness,” said Melissa. “We would have gone out of business, without that.”


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New Take on the Mad Hatter

Jill won the contest. 

“What’s your favorite animal?” I asked Jill.

“I am obsessed with Alice in Wonderland, so maybe a Chesire cat, or white rabbit, would be very cool.”

I drew Jill as the Mad Hatter: 

If you want to win a contest and have your portrait drawn, please join my coloring group, Artsy Fartsy Coloring with Shoshanah Marohn. 
Update: she colored it and it’s so cool! 

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The Flamingos, They Will KILL You!

THEY WILL KILL YOUWhen I started my new coloring group, “Artsy Fartsy Coloring with Shoshanah Marohn,” I kicked it off with a contest. The prize was to have your portrait drawn in a line-drawing style that you could color. Well, Marilyn won, and she requested that I draw her with a flamingo. There’s a story behind the request. In Marilyn’s own words,

“Knowing how much I love her Artwork, I asked if It would be possible, to add a Flamingo to the portrait, and here’s why….
I’m the mother of two grown, adult Sons. My eldest, once put me in a really funny situation while visiting our local Zoo. He was about 4 at the time. We were touring the Zoo, with some friends, and when we reached the Flamingo exhibit, my son lost his mind!! It was BANANAS!! My 4 yr old was running around shoo-ing people away from the area, yelling, “Go! GO! RUN!!” and he was actually clearing the crowd! When I finally scooped him up, and got him calm, I asked him,
“What in the world is going on, Ty!!?
He looked at me, complete seriousness all over his little face, and said,
“Those will KILL you, Mommy! They look pretty, so pretty, but they are NOT safe!!”
It was one of the funniest moments…but he was sincerely freaked out. Over the years, the story was told again and again, and he would laugh. It became ” a thing” for me to warn him away from certain things, by saying, “Those will KILL you!” Or “They are NOT safe.” It made us both smile. I still send him something Flamingo re-lated every once in awhile, lol.
Shoshanah incorporated this funny memory for me, in my awesome prize!”


I’m now considering creating a whole coloring book: portraits of colorists with wacky animals, and I’ll call it, “THOSE WILL KILL YOU!” just so I can use this picture as the cover. It has great potential.

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Giant Chickens Across the Globe

This week, the muse was speaking to me in strange ways. I painted six paintings of a giant, fire-breathing Rooster, traveling the world. 

I was sick. I get sort of air headed when I’m sick. I think this rooster wants me to tell his story. 

So, why did not the Giant, Fire Breathing Rooster burn down the Eiffel Tower? No one knows. Perhaps he appreciated its beauty. Perhaps he had a sore throat. Perhaps he knew that, being made of metal, it wouldn’t burn.

Why? I don’t know. Maybe the bridge was in his way? It’s difficult to say why a giant, fire breathing rooster does what he does.

I don’t know why the Giant, Flame Breathing Rooster burned the Hollywood sign to the ground. It was just in his nature, I guess.

Overcome with the beauty of nature, the Giant, Fire-Breathing Rooster chooses not to destroy it.

The Giant, Flame Breathing Rooster took a ship across the ocean.

What did the Giant, Flame-Breathing Rooster have against the Sydney Opera House? Nothing. It was simply in his nature to burn it down. It was nothing personal.