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Mulder “Muppet,” Sheep Gigolo

Mulder isn’t really our sheep. Some kind friends have loaned him to us, so that he might get it on with our lady sheep and make more black sheep with great wool! My idea is to eventually make felted top hats with the black wool from all of the sweet little black lambs.

Isn’t he cute as a muppet?

This is the second time they have pimped him out to us. The first time, they couldn’t quite remember his name when we picked him up. We thought that tuft of hair on top of his head made him look like a giant muppet, so we named him “Muppet.” Then his family companionators called a couple of days later and said they remembered his name was “Mulder.” By that time, we were already having lengthy conversations with “Muppet,” so the name stuck. I guess Muppet is his street name, for when he’s gigoloing.

Mulder enjoys his work. He’s enthusiastic. The lady sheep sometimes look as if they wish he weren’t quite so eager. But they like him better this time than last year, I think. At least they aren’t running away this time. They huddle together and cautiously peer at him from a safe distance. Give them a few days, though, and they’ll like him a lot (if last year was any indication).

Mulder the Muppet ram
The ram is confident. The ewes are cautious.

He’s a gentler breed than our Jacobs, and also (as you can see) hornless. This makes for an interesting aesthetic: all of the females have big horns, and the male has no horns. Muppet is completely comfortable with his masculinity, and he doesn’t worry about that sort of thing.

Last year’s lambs are a nice bunch, small and black, but all except one are male. We’re hoping for more ewes this year.


P.S. Thank you, Mo and Ned, for loaning us Mulder. He’s great.

10 thoughts on “Mulder “Muppet,” Sheep Gigolo

  1. Put me in the queue for a felted top hat!

  2. What fun! (maybe not for the ewes, but for you when the babies arrive!)

    1. Yes, baby lambs are sweet.

  3. How nice to hear a story about sheep having sex with other sheep. The ewes must be suspicious about his lack of horns, so I bet he compensates by riding them hard! Do they bleat in a particular way when they’re being mounted?

    1. I can’t say I’ve payed close attention to the actual act. I like to give them some privacy (in the middle of an open field).

  4. He sure looks happy!

    1. Yes, he seems really content.

  5. Mulder – the hornless gigolo with a heart of gold. I feel a holiday special coming on.

    1. … saving Christmas by impregnating one sheep at a time.

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