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How to Draw a Guy with a Bird in his Beard

Birds in beards

1. Draw a guy.

2. Add a beard.

3. Draw a bird in the beard.

Another way is to have some really weird dudes visit you as you sketch them and their strange beard ecosystems. I speak from experience when I say, “Live models are a huge mistake! Bird poop everywhere! I’m missing my left thumb now! And those prima-dona beardos with their holier than thou attitudes? No, just make this stuff up. It’s better that way.”

After eighteen years of sweat, tears, and bird poop, at least I got a good coloring book out of it.

3 thoughts on “How to Draw a Guy with a Bird in his Beard

  1. This gives me an idea for a coloring book app. You pick colors and touch areas to do flood fills between the lines. You can magnify for small areas. When you’re done, it generates a GIF of your coloring session to share. The app is free – you buy the coloring books.

    1. Great idea! Wanna make it?

    2. Not really. Sounds like too much work.

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