This could be you.

This could be you.

Are you a dude with a beard? Or do you know one?

I’m looking for pictures of bearded people to draw from for my new coloring book, “Birds In Beards.” I could imagine or make up some faces with beards, but pictures drawn from real life always turn out looking better. So, could I draw you? Please? It’s like getting a super cheap portrait! Granted, it’s a super cheap portrait where I will make you look like a lunatic with serious hygiene issues, and I will write a silly poem about you that will be all lies, but still. A portrait. Of you with a friendly bird in your beard. It will be fun! It will be life changing. What do you think?

If you agree to allow me to make your portrait, please post your picture to my Facebook page, and copy and paste this statement with it: “I freely give Shoshanah Marohn permission to draw my likeness and publish it in a book.”

Thank you in advance!

Please share this with a bearded person you know. Women can be included, too. I’m not discriminating.

Written by Shoshanah Marohn

Shoshanah Lee Marohn is sometimes using the nickname/ pen name Shana Lee, because it is much less complicated, and easier to spell.

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