Of Course I Wrote a Dan Book

When the Safer at Home orders came down, some people asked me, “Are you going to write another book during all of this free time?” And I was really annoyed, because I didn’t have any more free time! I have a child, and it was spring, and I had to make lunch a lot. But… Read more »

  • Murgatroyd Buttercups Movie Teaser

    Murgatroyd Buttercups still costs only $5.49 through Sunday.

  • Deer man

    Big Z Spots a Deer-Man!

    It was a cold, dark night. She went outside to go see the animals in the barn. On the way out, she heard footsteps behind her. A car drove by. In the reflection of the headlights, she saw it. The Deer Man: A figure with the head of a deer, the body of a man…. Read more »

  • An Instant Classic (We Hope)

    Look what just hit the press! I illustrated this book for my dear old friend, Yosha Bourgea. (Yosha is such an old friend that he is a main character in Exhaust(ed): The 99% true story of a bus trip gone wrong. It’s dangerous business, being an old friend of mine.) Amazon is offering Murgatroyd Buttercups… Read more »

  • The News Has a Truth Problem

    “An explanation of climate change from a Nobel Prize-winning physicist looks exactly the same on your Facebook page as the denial of climate change by somebody on the Koch brothers’ payroll. And the capacity to disseminate misinformation, wild conspiracy theories, to paint the opposition in wildly negative light without any rebuttal—that has accelerated in ways… Read more »

  • Princess Pink Horn

    Princess Pink Horn

    Princess Pink Horn will make her debut at the fourth annual Jangle Soapworks Open House on December second, 2016 at the #1 Old School House at 110 North Second Street, in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin. The open house will run from 4 to 8 PM. Our little art show/ local maker fair coincides with Mount Horeb’s… Read more »

  • Sunrise


  • More Cow Bell!

    Cloudy Wether likes to get my attention by ramming me in the butt when I’m not looking. Now, I have installed an early warning system:   I never knew it before: Cow bells are really loud! I hear Cloudy now, wherever he is.

  • birds-in-beards-makes-frog-applaus-comic-strip

    Enter Before Midnight to Win All of my Coloring Books!

    Goodreads has contests out to give away one copy of all of my coloring books. Deadline: Midnight, November 16, 2016. (That’s today!)   First, enter to win the haunting drawings and haiku poetry of Coloring Inside the Dreams:   Goodreads Book Giveaway Coloring Inside the Dreams by Shoshanah Lee Marohn Giveaway ends November 16, 2016. See… Read more »

  • We’re on a highway to hell!

  • Mona Lisa doesn’t feel like smiling today, okay?