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Cat Butt Blindness

My cats put their asses in my faces so much that I don’t see them anymore. Case in point: I took Hannah to the vet today to have her spayed, and the vet says that Hannah is a tom cat. This is not the first time this has happened. Teresa was a boy, too. (Named… Read more »

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Happy Halloween!

Free short story for you today and tomorrow, in celebration of Halloween. I started to write this as blog posts, but I was afraid you all might think I was going insane. It’s a short horror story. I have it for sale, but honestly, don’t pay for it! It might not be that good. I’m… Read more »

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Surprises of Spring

We didn’t breed the sheep this year, because we have enough sheep! We did get two lambs and an adult ewe from a friend last fall. So, that made twenty-five. “When are you lambing?” everyone in the sheep community kept asking. “We aren’t lambing this year,” I told everyone. Today I noticed a new little… Read more »

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Ten Signs You Might Be on the Artism Spectrum

No, I didn’t spell “autism” wrong. I’m talking about artism. If you relate to any of this list, you are most likely on the artistic spectrum. Ten Signs You Might Be Artistic: You make art. Or you write, or you do music, or you act, or you see your life is some sort of strange… Read more »

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How to Explain Voldemort Winning the Presidency

  I saw this show on the Discovery Channel about how the aliens came and built all of the pyramids on Earth? They had some compelling evidence: Rocks were moved thousands of miles, “before the invention of the wheel.” From an arial view, the pyramids look like a circuit board. (Which pyramids are these, you… Read more »

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How to Make a Stunning First Impression

My first impression of Yosha Bourgea was in the fall of 1988, my freshman year of high school. He was shortish and he always wore a giant overcoat and a heavy backpack full of mysterious books. There were rumors about Yosha: that he lived in a refurbished chicken coop, that he had never been to… Read more »