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Big Z Spots a Deer-Man!

Deer man

It was a cold, dark night. She went outside to go see the animals in the barn. On the way out, she heard footsteps behind her. A car drove by. In the reflection of the headlights, she saw it. The Deer Man: A figure with the head of a deer, the body of a man. She came running home and told her parents her story. And she even drew us a picture:

Deer man
Z’s depiction of the Deer Man


Now, Big Z and her father are out hunting the Deer Man. And I am at home. It is warm in here, and someone needs to call the sci-fi channel for them when they scream.


3 thoughts on “Big Z Spots a Deer-Man!

  1. I’ve heard myths of dog heads and bull heads, but never of deer heads…until now. You should warn the poor creature…send him a letter starting “Dear Mr Deer”.

  2. I went out in the night tonight. I saw something, out there, and immediately thought “DeerMan!” But it wasn’t.

  3. I could write him a letter, but where to address it?

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