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Of Course I Wrote a Dan Book

When the Safer at Home orders came down, some people asked me, “Are you going to write another book during all of this free time?” And I was really annoyed, because I didn’t have any more free time! I have a child, and it was spring, and I had to make lunch a lot.

But yes, of course I wrote another damned book. Or, technically, a Dan book. With my friend, Dan, who has three kids he home-schooled this whole time. So, you can send Dan a medal, or buy our book, when it comes out in a couple of weeks. It’s called, Practice Your Mistakes. The timely haikus are by me, and the beautiful, mostly blue illustrations are by Dan Constien. The Japanese calligraphy is by me, as well. (I was *supposed* to be in Japan today.Sigh.)

I know there’s a lot going on. Too much! Too much. This, too, shall pass.

with love, sin, and time,


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Return of the Frog Blog

The Frog Blog is Back

Ten or more years ago, when blogs were the thing, the best blog on the internet, in my opinion, was the Frog Blog. The blog was written and curated by the amazing Teresa Burritt, author of the Frog Applause comic strip and I think Shoe Cabbage, an eclectic linguistic humor strip. Burritt’s humor tickles a special itch. It’s the weirdest and most wonderful comic out there. And at some point, it all disappeared, to my immense disappointment.

The comic came back, after a time, but the blog remained gone, gone, gone. (Believe me, I checked. A lot.) Until… NOW! THE FROG BLOG IS BACK!!!!!

Something good happened!

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Every Month!

I’ve really been enjoying doing the postcards for the Patreon members. It’s something that keeps me writing a little bit, drawing a little bit, and paying attention. Keeps me in the moment.

If you are a member of my little club, know that, usually, the same postcard and about the same note or story goes out to everyone. It’s not completely special to you- usually, although a few times it has been! And I’m signing all of the letters the same (a.k.a. I’m not in love with you if I sign it “Love, sin, and time,” though I do very much appreciate you).

The whole Patreon thing is a blast, for me. The Art of the Month Club keeps me making more interesting, valuable pieces of art, and the feedback I’ve gotten has almost unilaterally been, “I love getting that package every month. I never know what is in it!”

On the other hand, I don’t take it personally if you start and then stop. Finances are unpredictable. And, obviously, (or maybe not so obviously?) I’m not taking it personally. This is a fun way for me to keep creating. And I do mean fun! This month’s $25 a month members received a felted rose with an eyeball peaking out of it— because you need that. As per usual me, I forgot to take a picture of them before I sent them out! But, if you become a member today… (you know where this is going)… I’ll make another one and send it to you. Of course.

postcards from Shoshanah
Round-about numerology was this month’s $4/ month postcard theme. Postcards are always in colorable black and white.

Love, sin, and time,


P.S. Sign up here.

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What happens when a Christmas demon visits?

merry krampus night

I have a new book coming December 5th. Merry Krampus Eve is a spoof of the Clement C. Moore classic The Night Before Christmas, but instead of waiting for Santa to come and give presents,  party guests are waiting for Krampus, the Christmas demon, to come and play guitar in their goth band. Krampus is known throughout Eastern Europe as the horned Christmas demon who steals naughty children and puts them in his giant basket. It’s a horrific practice, and terrifying to all children who experience it. But why, exactly, does Krampus do this? What led him to such extremes?

Merry Krampus Eve posits that Krampus has feelings, too. Poor Krampus, who plays the blues in this story, sings out his woes to terrified and delighted party guests in a remote Edward Gorey-esque house on the fifth of December. The problem: Krampus is lonely. He has to kidnap children just to have some company during the holidays. His methods may be malicious, but his intentions are – actually, his intentions are really, really bad.

Merry Krampus Night is available for pre-order in Kindle form at and available in all forms from Amazon on December fifth.

This is my fifteenth book. Can you believe it? See them all at

Don’t want to try and keep track of my books? Join the art of the month club and get them automatically!

Love, sin, and time,


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Gorey’s Idles

Edward Gorey Snail unicorn

I was reading an *interview with Edward Gorey today (from 1994) where he said, “By the way, I would cheerfully sell my soul to draw like some people. “

Clifford Rose: “Like whom?”

and, over the next few pages, Gorey lists his idles (most of whom were also named Edward). I’m just going to post pictures of their work, and let everyone contemplate how wonderful it is that Edward Gorey never actually had the opportunity to sell his soul and draw like them.

Gorey’s number one idle was Edward Bawdin:

He also admired Edward Ardizzone:

You can see that Gorey was influence by Ardizzone.

And then there was Pesanello:

beautiful, but still prefer Gorey to Pisanello

And Balthus, and he specified the drawings for Wuthering Heights, which Gorey says, “As illustrations for Withering Heights, forget it. But they are just so compelling.”

While I love Edward Gorey’s personal taste, and I agree these are all fantastic illustrators, I don’t think any of them are as great as Edward Gorey himself. I might gladly sell my soul to draw like Edward Gorey.

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Everyone Loves the Christmas Pig

Christmas PIg by shoshanah marohn

“Merry Krampus Night” (title change for those keeping track) will be here in 42 days! Patreon Supporter Heather decided my next book should be the real story of Krampus. December 5th, 2019 is release date!

If you would like a book about your own topic, please become a supporter of my art at the $25 a month or more level (go to patreon dot com slash shoshanah) and you can tell me what to write next! Exciting.

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A Moment in Time with the Professor

Drawing and Poem by Guest Artist Professor Batty (recently the King of Guitar Blogging, but that’s all behind him, now, as he takes a moment to savourize [my daughter’s made up word for making your good things last]):


The baristas outnumber

the patrons, while

outside, on University

Ave, a Preacher without

a CHURCH Rails Against

his imaginary Demons.

the COACOA HAS turned

Cold so I must leave

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Night of the Krampus Comes in 55 Days!

She looks skeptical, but it’s true! “Night of the Krampus” will be here in 55 days! Patreon Supporter Heather decided my next book should be the real story of Krampus. December 5th, 2019 is release date! More information coming soon.

If you would like a book about your own topic, please become a supporter of my art at the $25 a month or more level, and you can tell me what to write next! Exciting.