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Puppy Sleep Disorder

I’ve been acting strangely after going to sleep at night. Twice now, it’s happened. I went to bed, fell asleep, and then about half an hour later, I woke up with a start, thinking I FORGOT TO TAKE CARE OF THE DOG!

I then get up and go downstairs, looking everywhere for the dog. I can’t find the dog! Where is the dog? I haven’t fed it or taken it out or anything! The poor dog!

Last night, my husband informed me that we don’t have a dog.

And after a bit of conversation, in which he asked me what the dog looked like and I couldn’t tell him, I realized he was right. We don’t have a dog.

So, I went back to bed.

The first time if happened, no one else was up, and I just suddenly realized on my own that we have no dog.

But why do I believe so completely that we  have a dog that I’ve neglected? Am I dreaming? Am I hallucinating? Is it a sleep  disorder? Is it a puppy disorder? It’s a really strong compulsion to find the dog and take care of it. While it is happening, I 100% believe we have a dog whom I have neglected.

It’s ruff.  It’s sort of impawsable to diagnose. I’m apawled.

Maybe you can teach me some tricks.



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