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A Moment in Time with the Professor

Drawing and Poem by Guest Artist Professor Batty (recently the King of Guitar Blogging, but that’s all behind him, now, as he takes a moment to savourize [my daughter’s made up word for making your good things last]):


The baristas outnumber

the patrons, while

outside, on University

Ave, a Preacher without

a CHURCH Rails Against

his imaginary Demons.

the COACOA HAS turned

Cold so I must leave

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The Knitting Troll

I’m working on the next coloring book- trolls! They are all based the real troll sculptures in Mount Horeb. Feel free to print this one and color it, or share it with friends. 

Side note: Professor Batty came to visit a few months ago, and we went to the Cat and Crow together (the yarn shop where this wool sculpture of a troll stands). He introduced himself as “Shoshanah’s internet stalker.” Melissa and Rebecca seemed amused. Professor Batty then said that he had purchased a skein of yarn in their shop there, years ago.

“Oh, thank goodness,” said Melissa. “We would have gone out of business, without that.”