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Every Month!

I’ve really been enjoying doing the postcards for the Patreon members. It’s something that keeps me writing a little bit, drawing a little bit, and paying attention. Keeps me in the moment. If you are a member of my little club, know that, usually, the same postcard and about the same note or story goes… Read more »

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My Nimrodic Powers

“Oh gee, How doth the busy bee Improve the shining hours By making honey sweet and good From all the pretty flowers. Oh my, How doth this lazy I, Improve (?) the shining hours By drawing things And painting things With my nimrodic powers.” Poem by Wanda Gág   I, too, revel in my nimrodic… Read more »

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Thank You! 

I made this video for my patreon subscribers. (If you haven’t subscribed yet, subscribe at patron.com/shoshanah first, then watch.) ​ ​