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The Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh

The Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is definitely worth going to, if you like Andy Warhol at all.

We were very into it.

One floor of the Andy Warhol Museum is devoted to a different artist each month, I think. Or, anyway, it rotates who it is. When we went, the artist was Firelei Báez, and I found her work inspiring and excellent in every way.

Firelei Báez,

Firelei Báez, again. We noticed my daughter’s name in this picture. Can you find it?
Here we are posing in front of some of her faceless portraits. I was trying to look cool. It doesn’t come naturally to me.

You start on the sixth floor, and go down through Warhol’s life. On one of the floors is a room where they are playing several of the Andy Warhol movies at once, with the Velvet Underground playing in the background. This was my favorite part of the museum. I took a little movie. Zanimal went around and tapped all of the eyeballs:

The room of Warhol films on loop, with the Velvet Underground playing was my favorite part of the museum.

There were no other children there. I found out later that Pennsylvania doesn’t do Spring Break. I guess everyone just thought she was playing hooky? Or perhaps they thought we home schooled her.
When you finally get to the basement, they have “The Factory,” where you make your own Warhol-Style art. I drew my left paw.

Shoshanah’s paw, twice.
Zanimal drew “Cat Wolf”:

Cat Wolf by Zanimal
I don’t remember what Dennis made, he he said afterwards that he wanted to leave it in the gift shop– reverse shop lifting. Instead of taking something, you leave something. What do you think? A good idea? I think it’s genius. Performance art at its most subtle.

I did buy a print at the gift shop. It’s called, “One Blue Pussy.”

One Blue Pussy, by Andy Warhol.
It reminds me of Grenix.


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Princess Pink Horn

Princess Pink Horn

Princess Pink Horn

Princess Pink Horn will make her debut at the fourth annual Jangle Soapworks Open House on December second, 2016 at the #1 Old School House at 110 North Second Street, in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin. The open house will run from 4 to 8 PM. Our little art show/ local maker fair coincides with Mount Horeb’s annual Festive Eve. The whole town will have great deals on gifts of a higher caliber than you are probably used to. Come and take advantage of good deals on one of a kind art! Or, just buy people the usual crap you get them this time of year. It’s the thought that counts, right?

The Open House Facebook Page:


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The Creature Has No Gender, and That Is Good

unicorn sheep thing
unicorn sheep thing
Mr. (or Mrs.) WhatsIt Currently Resides at the Cat and Crow Yarn Shop in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin


I visited the Cat and Crow yesterday, and Rebekkah had a question about my most recent art work displayed there,

“We were discussing whether this is a male or a female creature,” she said. “It does have a mustache, but it is also wearing lace, and there is something feminine about it. Then someone said that the dwarf women in Lord of the Rings sometimes have mustaches, so perhaps you were thinking like that?”

To which I replied,

“I don’t think we need to impose our sys-gender societal norms on this art piece. It is neither male nor female. We don’t need to think thoughts in that limiting paradigm of male/ female. The Whatsit simply is what you wish it to be.”


I felt very deep and artsy and stuff. Mostly, though, it just has a mustache and lace because I like mustaches, and I like lace. And that is all. But perhaps that is just a different way of saying the same thing?