Build Your Brand with a Coloring Book


20 Page, Original Coloring Book to Promote Your Brand

  • Your Business, Town,  Portrait, Rock Band, Idea… you’re the boss! What shall I draw?
  • May include quotes from you, your book series, your song lyrics, etc.
  • Can be silly or serious. Gory or beautiful. You choose.
  • 90 Day Delivery.
  • Enjoy the notoriety of someone who has a coloring book all about them!
  • A “real” book with an ISBN and a place in the Library of Congress.
  • For sale on Amazon, for everyone to see and buy.
  • Every picture someone colors is an advertisement for you or your product.
  • Can resell the book at concerts, book signings, art fairs, etc.
  • Price includes cover art.
  • I hold copyrights, but the book will stay available on Amazon for at least five years, and you may resell individual copies as much as you like.
  • Price listed includes all drawings and design, as well as publishing layout.
  • Each individual book costs on average $8 (U.S.) for printing. They can be resold successfully for $12 each, in my experience.
  • Print-on-Demand makes pricing very reasonable (i.e. you can buy a batch of ten books, resell them, then order another ten. No warehouse full of books to deal with.)
  • You can give me a fairly vague idea and let me run with it (“Read my book and draw some pictures,”) or you can be very specific, (“The Yoga with Marca Coloring Book should have an illustration of a large man doing Downward Dog with a Toy Poodle watching on page 10”). I will do what you tell me to do. 🙂
  • Your hard core fans will really appreciate something like this.
  • Coloring is still a very popular pass-time for both children and adults.
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Question: What do George R.R. Martin, The Beatles, Lewis Carrol, and the troll statues of Mount Horeb, Wisconsin have in common?

Answer: They all have best-selling coloring books.

You, too, can join their ranks and have a coloring book all about your project, your life’s work, or maybe just something about which you are passionate. 


This shouldn’t need to be said, but it does: Please do not ask me to violate any copyright laws. I won’t.

Questions? Email me, Shoshanah, at I will be happy to answer any questions, as well as provide examples of previous projects.


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