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It’s a blog, but it’s by a kid!

bunny sleigh ride

My kid, actually. Ever wonder what it’s like to be a nine year old girl living in rural Wisconsin in 2016? Then “Zanimal” is the blog for you. She just started it a few days ago, and so far Big Z has covered the following compelling topics:

  • Is our cat playing an endless game of “hot lava”?
  • Some people think eating your Advent calendar chocolates make it snow.
  • Taking your rabbit for a sleigh ride: does the rabbit enjoy it?
  • Candy the Sheep is a sheep.
  • Our family Christmas traditions.
  • All about Vimpires.
  • What to do about Adventure Time being cancelled.
  • How did the Jangle Soapworks Open House go?

bunny sleigh ride

The address is I’m pretty sure it’s the best blog by a nine-year-old ever. (I’m not biased at all.)

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Cinderella Story



How Z’s classmates see her.
How Z sees herself.Two things about Big Z (Age 9):

Two things about Big Z (Age 9):

1. She almost never misses school.

2. She doesn’t like Disney princesses.

So, when she missed a few hours of school this morning for a doctor’s appointment, and she got back after only a half day gone, and they said they had cast her as Cinderella in a class play? That was pretty funny.

There’s always a gap, isn’t there, between how other people see us, and how we see ourselves? Or, you know, maybe it was just that no one wanted to be Cinderella.


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Loving the Pantsuit

My daughter has a thing for suits. She’s nine, and she hates to wear dresses. A few weeks ago, she was asking questions,

“Can girls wear suits? Because I really like suits. And I want one.”

“Yeah,” I said. “Sure. But they look a little bit different from a men’s suit.”

“But it’s a suit?” she asked. “With pants? Not a dress, but pants?”

“Oh, definitely. Hillary Clinton wears pantsuits all the time.”

“Oh, yeah! But what do they look like?” She asked.

“I’m sure there’s a picture on the internet.”

I looked on my phone. I found this picture:

Sorry, I don’t know who made this great collage! If you know, tell me, so I can give credit.

“Wo–ho!!! Let me see that!” Z grabbed the phone from me to look closer. “That is so cool! Those are all the same lady?”

“Yep, she’s got them in every color.”

“I like that,” She said.

Then I got distracted, as one does. A few minutes later, Z started giggling the laugh she does when she’s done something slightly naughty, but mostly just goofy.

“What are you up to?” I asked.

“Oh, nothing,” she said, and hid my phone under her butt. I grabbed my phone from under her butt, as one does, and this is what my phone looked like (except with last month’s date):


She made Hillary Clinton the background on my phone. I laughed for about five minutes. And then I left it. It’s been like that for a month or so, now.

By the way, does anyone know where you can buy an aquamarine pantsuit in a girl’s size ten?