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Wheatbread Johnson is a Boogie Fool

Wheatbread Johnson Boogie Fool

I got a new CD from a fairly unknown artist, and I feel like I should share the joy with everyone I can. His name is Wheatbread Johnson and the album is called “Boogie Fool.” It’s a really solid blues album with some songs to make you laugh, some songs to make you cry, and some songs to make you eat some pie! (Okay, not pie, fat back ribs, I think he said.) Anyway, the guitar playing is extraordinary. On his last album I heard, Dinosaur on the Moon, he was already seriously strong in the chops. Now, with Boogie Fool, he’s filled it out with some backup singers and sexy banter. My favorite song is the title track, Boogie Fool, which is just a gem. It’s one of those I’ll play over and over in the car.

Wheatbread Johnson
A Whole Grain Records Production

You can buy Wheatbread’s CD easily and securely by sending $20 via PayPal to Be sure to include your mailing address in your order. (Don’t worry. He cool.)

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The Music of Childhood

Zanimal and I always listen to The Decemberist’s album The King is Dead in the car, when I’m chauffeuring her around, as parents do these days.

We hypothesize that Avery is a cat.

I think someday, she will hear the Decemberists and be brought magically back to her childhood drives with me.

This is the song that brings me back to my childhood:

Not because we played it in the car when my parents drove me around (I’m too old for that, nobody drove their kids around in the seventies and eighties) but because my dad practiced playing it himself over and over again, on the pedal steel. And then played it at gigs where I tagged along. This version actually sounds wrong to me, because it’s not my dad playing. I can’t find a recording of my dad playing that particular song, but here’s a nice one:

Zanimal just came home and would rather watch a Bad Lip Reading of the Empire Strikes Back, which I have to admit is just amazing: