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What’s a three letter word for “rat trap”?

Cat. This is our barn cat, Marbles. She takes care of the mice and rats for us. She’s so feral that this is the first picture we’ve ever gotten of her- with a trail camera! Turns out that, in addition to being an incredibly effective pest deterrent, she’s pretty cute. We got her from an organization called, “Friends of Ferals.” I highly recommend them, especially for pest problems. (We had rats eat all of the wires out of a car last winter.) Rats, we found, are usually too smart for traps, but cats are smarter. If you get feral cats, they already enjoy hunting. 

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Stuck on You: Laying Industrial Floor Tile with VCT Glue

All I want for Christmas is blue and slightly lighter blue tile in the kitchen. So, we bought some and I set about installing them myself.

In the beginning, the glue was hard to negotiate. Before I knew it, I was screaming, “Z! Google how to get VCT tile glue off your feet!”. . . “Mom, there’s nothing! I can’t find anything!” “But I’m stuck to the floor! Oh my god!” . . . “Maybe put socks on?” . . . “But my hands are stuck, too!”

“But why? Why?!”

And then I figured it out: make a path through the glue.
In my glue searches, I found this exciting video about the glue! What happens at 6:21 is priceless.

And it all turned out okay in the end.