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Crazy Hanahshosh’s 7-Hour Giveaway!!!!

Crazy Hanahshosh here, back with my crazy giveaways! I told Shoshanah that the Flaming Lips were playing a women’s march in Chicago, which (with driving time, parking, figuring out it’s not true, and driving back) gives me approximately seven hours to give away all of her books! For the next seven hours, you can enter… Read more »

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Crazy Hanahshosh is Giving Away All of Shoshanah’s Books for Free!

Shoshanah is gone, and I’m her alter ego, CRAZY HANAHSHOSH! AND I’M GIVING AWAY ALL OF HER BOOKS FOR FREE! THAT’S RIGHT, ANY BOOK SHOSHANAH WROTE OR ILLUSTRATED, I’M GIVING THEM AWAY TODAY ON GOODREADS! Enter today, because tomorrow, SHOSHANAH comes home, and the game’s up!  WE’VE GOT YOUR CHILDREN’S BOOKS, Goodreads Book Giveaway Murgatroyd… Read more »

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A Gift for Your Weird Uncle

He lives at the far edge of town, in a single wide trailer from 1978. He has a “three season porch” which is really a wood stairway that he wrapped plastic insulation around, and called it good. By the front door is a sign that says, “it’s 4:20 somewhere.” (If you try to correct him… Read more »