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I put a heat lamp in the barn for the precious ones.

Negative a lot f

Winter came late late and cold this year. 

Initially, the cats were hanging out in the highest point in the barn.

Although their choice for perches might also have to do with this sweet dog who’s been hanging out with us this week, Cooper the Standard Poodle who doesn’t know he’s big. 

Cooper loves me. Cooper is the first dog we have pet sat who has preferred me to all other people. Cooper has very good taste.

Cooper’s real mom is out saving the world.

He loves her better than me, I bet.

Did you see the Wolf Moon?

Sheep at night under the Wolf Moon.

It was cold and beautiful. I didn’t stay up for the eclipse because it was negative infinity outside, but I hear it was beautiful.



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Cat Butt Blindness

My cats put their asses in my faces so much that I don’t see them anymore. Case in point: I took Hannah to the vet today to have her spayed, and the vet says that Hannah is a tom cat.

This is not the first time this has happened. Teresa was a boy, too. (Named after the great Teresa Burritt.)

What’s the name for when you see something so much, you don’t actually look anymore? Is it Cat Butt Blindness? Because that’s what I’ve got. Cat Butt Blindness.

We tried changing Teresa’s name to a more masculine, “Terri,” but I never got used to it. To this day, if anyone everyone refers to “Terri the cat,” I say, “Who? We’ve never had a cat named Terri.”

So, maybe we should change Hannah’s name now, but I don’t know if it will work. Or should we just have a tom cat named “Hannah”? I think Z named Hannah after her cousin, so maybe we could name Hannah after person-Hannah’s brother, Skyler. Other names I like:


Judge John Hodgman

Roland Jones


What would you do?