Local Event in Mount Horeb, WI Tonight

Today, I’m busier than a one legged gal in a kicking contest, mostly because of this:


I'm representing the  "and much much more" division (and maybe a wee bit of the fine art).
I’m representing the “and much much more” division (and maybe a wee bit of the fine art).
Shoshanah Marohn
Shoshanah Lee Marohn is a writer and illustrator whose books include the recent children's book, "Murgatroyd Buttercups," the almost-best-selling "Birds in Beards Coloring Book," and the notorious "Avoiding Sex with Frenchmen."


    1. Yes, am also a consumer. The soap is amazing! And last year I got my daughter some fingerless gloves. I meant to buy some ceramics, but they were pretty near sold out! I’m hoping Rick, the other artist upstairs with me, will want to trade something at the end of the night. His work is great!

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